Walking and Drop-In Services

Pack Leaders ATL strives to provide a unique and personalized experience to fit each client’s needs. We offer a variety of walking services to meet your pups walking needs.

All of our walking services include:

  • Food and Water Replenishment (if needed)

  • Playtime & rub downs for the pup

  • Place any packages at your door safely inside of your home

  • Non-injected medications (if needed)

  • Full report including GPS report of walk and pictures of your cute pup to brighten your day

RATES (One-Time):

  • Pup Potty Breaks and Cat Visits (~15 mins) — $18 ($15 with Starter Package)

  • 30 Minute Walk — $25 ($20 with Pup VIP Package)

  • 1 Hour Walk — $40 (Custom Packages Available)


Pet Sitting

Finding the right sitter to care for your pet and home while you’re away is hard. That's why we make it easy for you! Pack Leaders are your go-to neighborhood walkers, who pass a thorough background check, intensive training and are insured and bonded for extra reassurance to our clients.

All of our sitting services include:

  • Personal care for your pets while you are away

  • Play time and cuddles!

  • Three drop-ins during the day (including two 30-minute walks & one mid-day potty break)

  • Feedings and water fill ups per your pet's schedule

  • Administer medications if needed (non-injectable)

  • Daily updates as often as you want them!

  • Personalized photos

  • Mail retrieval

  • Home security (we'll make sure all the doors are windows are secured, and light rotation)


  • Standard Pet Sitting (Morning and evening walk w/ 1 mid-day potty break — $55/Day

  • Overnight Care (10 hour stay and one mid-day potty break) — $100/Day

  • Full-time Care (Professional caretaker with your pet 24/7) - $200/Day


Cat Care

Cats love to be alone but they also secretly like having you or someone else in the house. Besides company, they also need someone to take care of their basic needs. With Pack Leaders ATL, your cat will have a new friend that will take care of them while you're away, including lots of petting, pampering and talking to!

Feel comfortable traveling, working or whatever you need to do. Your cat will stay in their own home, receiving the care they need.

All of our sitting services include:

  • The attention, love, pampering and play your cat needs.

  • Food and Water Replenishment

  • A clean litter box and accident clean up.

  • Special care, medications, etc as needed


  • One-Time Cat Visit (~15 Minutes - includes food replenishment and water, litter cleanup and playtime) — $18 ($15 with Starter Package)


Pet Taxi

Do you need to take your furry friend to the vet or groomers but can’t seem to find the time? Pack Leaders ATL has you covered! Along with being the most reliable dog walkers in town, our Pack Leaders are readily available to concierge your pups to and from where they need to go when you’re too busy to take them. We strive for your furry friends to stay happy and healthy at all times!


  • Vet Trips (1 Hour) — $ 35

  • Groomer Trips (Pickup to & from groomer) — $ 35

  • Airport Trips (1 hour +/-) — $45

    *$20 per hour / after 1st hour



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15 Potty Breaks or Cat Visits (20 minute visit) + 15% OFF All Other Services for 2 months

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20 30-Minute Walks + 20% OFF All Other Services for 2 months