Goodbye Shedding: Our All-Natural Deshed Treatment

Are you ready to improve the appearance of your pet and your home? Our Deshed treatment will significantly reduce shedding and the constant cleaning of unwanted pet hair on your home floors. This All-Natural and lavish treatment includes the following:

  • Brush Out & Deshedding Session with specialized tools aimed at deshedding and removing undercoat hair (if applicable) efficiently and painlessly.

  • Hand-wash and massage with our All-Natural De-Shed Treatment Shampoo and All-Natural Conditioner.

  • High velocity blow out

  • Final Brush/Comb Through

You can expect this treatment to reduce shedding by 60-80% after the first treatment. For the best results, up to 90% reduced shedding, schedule a De-Shed Treatment once a month with our groomer.

You may experience some shedding of the loosened hair over the first 12-24 hours after you take your pet home.  For extended and continually improved results, the treatment should be repeated as recommended for the breed.

The Deshed Treatment can be added as an Upgrade to a Bath or Pet Spa Pedicure, or selected as your Upgrade included for Free with a VIP Groom.