Premium Puppy Care In Atlanta


Bringing a new puppy into your home is an exciting time. It can also be a difficult time caring for your new puppy while balancing all of your other responsibilities.

Puppies usually need to potty at least every 4 hours and require lots of attention and attentive care. Do you have a dependable dog walker and pet sitter in Atlanta to assist you?

Book Your First Walk for FREE and see why Pack Leaders ATL provides the best puppy care in Atlanta while you’re away from your new best friend.

We offer premium and professional care for dogs from their puppy years into their older years.

Services & Packages for Puppies

Because puppies need more frequent care we have a convenient and economical Potty Break service that you can book as many times you need, day and night.

Your puppy will have consistent care from our background checked, trained, and insured Pet Care Professionals. We’ll walk your puppy around the neighborhood for about 15 minutes to potty, and safely return them home and send you a visit report.



15 Potty Breaks (~15 minute visit) + 15% OFF All Other Services for 2 months

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2 Potty Breaks a day for $25/day + 20% OFF All Other services for 2 Months.

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All of our walking services include:

  • Food and Water Replenishment (if needed)

  • Playtime & rub downs for the pup

  • Place any packages at your door safely inside of your home

  • Non-injected medications (if needed)

  • Full visit report including GPS report of walk and pictures of your cute pup to brighten your day

RATES (One-Time):

  • Pup Potty Breaks and Cat Visits (~15 mins) — $18 ($15 with Starter Package)


Just like their human counterparts, puppies are more susceptible to getting sick and catching viruses or diseases. Thus, Pack Leaders ATL strongly recommends that puppy parents have their dogs vaccinated according to the standard veterinarian practices and recommendations.

Pack Leaders ATL understands the importance of protecting your pup and will avoid allowing unvaccinated puppies to socialize with other dogs.

In case of emergencies, all of our Atlanta Pet Care Professionals are trained in PetCPR+ Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid.

We are a strong team of Pet Care Professionals, and will always provide consistent and professional care for you new puppy.