The Real Cost of Affordable On-Demand Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services


Have You Heard?

Have you heard the rumors? Nightmarish tales of On-Demand dog walking and pet sitting services gone wrong are spreading like wildfire through the news, blogs, and personal friend circles all around the country.

If you haven’t seen the news, here’s a story, here is another story, and another. And if you don’t think dog deaths and disappearances are affecting pet parents in Atlanta, here’s another horror story reported by the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Story Time

One of our new clients informed us that an On-Demand dog walker did not inform them that their dog had been injured by a door while exiting a building for a walk. Instead the client returned home with a limping dog who was afraid to exit through a specific door in the apartment, with no word or explanation from the dog walker.

The real concern is more than just the accidents themselves, because accidents can happen. It is also the response taken from companies and individuals after a dog is lost, injured, or fatally wounded that is very concerning.

Some pet parents find themselves covering medical and post-mortem expenses out-of-pocket without refunds, others feel their stories are being covered up, and some are finding out that their “best” dog walker or pet sitters weren’t as qualified as they said they were.

Why Does This Happen?

On-Demand Pet Service providers, like Wag and Rover, utilize independent contractors. By law, independent contractors (ICs) are expected to operate as their own business, limiting oversight and liability from the On-Demand Service Provider.

Because many of these services use independent contractors, the companies cannot require training for the dog walkers and pet sitters. Thus, many of the dog walkers and sitters are inexperienced and potentially more likely to experience an accident while caring for animals.

While some of these dog walkers and pet sitters are great, others don’t have the experience, qualifications, or insurance to provide professional pet care. And when accidents happen, they may not know what to do or be able to assist in covering the expenses of a hurt or deceased pet.

How it Costs You

What you may save initially using a friend, neighbor, or “affordable” On-Demand service could cost you more if an accident occurs.

There is no monetary amount that can replace the well-being and life of our pet companions. Thus, every pet parent searching for a dog walker or pet sitter should ask themselves:

Is the affordability of On-Demand Service Providers worth the risk of not paying a slightly higher price for a Pet Care Professional?

Think About This

If your dog walker or pet sitter isn’t insured, then all of the expenses of an injury or death may rest on you.

If your dog walker or pet sitter is unqualified or inexperienced your pet is at risk every day.

If your pet is cared for by different and/or random people, how will your pet get consistent and professional care?

Does Your Dog Walker or Pet Sitter have effective backup in case of an emergency, overbooked scheduled, etc?

How To Protect Yourself, Your Home, and Your Pet

No matter where you are searching for a dog walker or pet sitter in Atlanta, it’s important to do thorough research to ensure you pet care taker is licensed, insured, bonded, and experienced. Read their reviews, Schedule a Meet and greet, and ask about their experience.

Keep it professional by booking your service on the mobile app or business that you found them on; Booking a pet care provider “off the app” that does not have their own legally recognized business is a liability and insurance risk.

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