Why Walking Your Dog Off-Leash in Piedmont Park is Dangerous


For some pet parents, off-leash dog walking is an exhilarating experience for themselves and their dogs. If you’re a pet parent or dog walker in Atlanta then you have probably witnessed many well trained dogs walking off-leash in Midtown’s Piedmont Park.

Unfortunately, off-leash dog walking presents many hazards for everyone, and can be very dangerous in an Atlanta hotspot, such as Piedmont Park.

So why is off-leash dog walking so dangerous?

Other Dogs May Not Be So Friendly

Some pet parents feel comfortable walking their dog around Atlanta and Piedmont Park off-leash because they have trained their dogs and trust them to behave.

But what if your dog travels too close to another dog who is not so friendly? That dog may not listen to commands like your dog does.

You have no idea how other dogs may react. It only takes seconds for an interaction between dogs to turn into a dangerous situation, and you could find yourself responsible for injuries to your dog, other dogs, or even other people.

Dog-on-Dog attacks happen more frequently than you know. Even two well trained dogs can become aggressive or reactive towards one another.

In public areas, such as Piedmont Park or Midtown sidewalks, it’s best for all pet owners to be cautious and to use a leash, or visit one of Atlanta’s off-leash dog parks.

See our list of recommended leashes HERE.

It’s Not Safe For Your Dog

As Pet Care Professionals, we strongly recommend following the notion that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Like all animals, dogs are unpredictable. As a pet owner you should not place your dog in a situation where they have the potential to be hurt or hurt others.

Don’t force your dog to be responsible for making the split decision of what to do if a dog reacts aggressively towards him or her. You may be surprised by the outcome.

An unfamiliar person, dog, or sound may incite your dog to bite, run away, or react adversely because they are frightened or threatened. Additionally, some criminals will steal expensive or valuable dogs. So it’s best to keep your dog close, on-leash.

It Affects Other Pet Parents (and Dog Walkers)

As awesome as it is to have off-leash meet ups in Piedmont Park, many pet owners and dog walkers feel anxious when other pet parents allow their dogs to roam off leash, forcing them to alter their routes or avoid Piedmont Park altogether.

Every pet owner in the Midtown and Atlanta communities deserves the right to enjoy walking their dog. You may think walking your dog off-leash doesn’t affect others, but off-Leash dogs can cause anxiety amongst leashed dogs, which creates a stressful situation for dog walkers and pet parents.

Thus, it is not safe nor respectful to allow your dog to explore off-leash or to approach other dogs and people without knowing if they’re comfortable interacting with your dog.

It’s risky and dangerous. At least with a leash you can pull your dog back from a bad interaction. Off-Leash, you have no control, and that is a grave risk. It only takes one bad accident to affect the well being of your dog or someone else’s dog.

It’s Against Piedmont Park Rules

Being a respectful visitor of Piedmont Park includes following the Park rules.

According to Piedmont Park’s website:

Pets must be on a leash at all times in the park, with the exception of the designated Piedmont Park Dog Parks. The dog parks allow off-leash dogs within the fences. Pets are not allowed in the lake, on tennis courts, on the active oval, ball fields, or the playgrounds.

If for no other reason, walk you dog on-leash in Piedmont Park because it is the rule.

Better Alternatives to Off-Leash Dog Walking in Piedmont Park

Off-Leash dog walking is a great luxury, but not a requirement for any dog. Some owners feel it’s necessary to walk their dog off-leash because they don’t walk properly on a leash, don’t like to walk on-leash, or they “want to be free”.

For that we suggest the following:

  • Seek help from a professional dog-behaviorist or dog trainer for dogs that do not walk well on-leash.

  • Utilize the Off-Leash Dog Park in Piedmont Park or others nearby.

  • Walk your dog through the trails in Piedmont Park closer to the entrances towards the intersection of Monroe Drive and Piedmont Ave. Your dog will love the exercise and smells.

  • Find dog-socialization classes where your dog can interact with other dogs off-leash in a in a controlled environment supervised by professionals.

  • If your dog needs additional exercise, hire a Dog Walker for an hour walk or park trip.

How do you feel about Off-Leash Dog-Walking in Piedmont Park? Leave your thoughts below!